About Barkley & Oates Inc.

History of the Practice

Mike Barkley (Medical Orthotist Prosthetist) the founder and partner of Orthopaedic Services George has been supplying an orthotic, prosthetic and rehabilitation service to the medical fraternity and people of the Southern Cape since 1979. I.e. 41 years. The initial service was on a clinic basis from Cape Town until 1983, when Mike relocated to George. In October 1999 Allan Oates (Medical Orthotist Prosthetist) joined as a partner and Barkley Oates was founded.

As from 1979 Mike Barkley started servicing the disabled community of the George Southern Cape area firstly on a clinic basis once a month this was done in collaboration with Dr Naas Zaaiman (Orthopaedic surgeon).

In 1983 Mike and his family relocated to George and established Orthopaedic Services George. The doors opened on 1 March 1983 at no 2 Medical Centre 33 Courtenay street and the staff comprised of Mike (Orthotist / Prosthetist) his wife Carol (secretary) and Krisjaan Brown (a cleaner /general assistant). At the same time Medihire, a company which hires and sells rehabilitation mobility and medical equipment was established with the same staff.

In the very early days Mike was very fortunate to be involved in a clinic at Oshakati hospital Owamboland Namibiathis. The clinic was conducted under the auspices of the medical faculty of Stellenbosch University and the Orthopaedic department Tygerberg hospital under the personal supervision of Prof Chris Steytler. The work generated from this clinic allowed Mike to establish himself in George as the work from the area was initially not enough to sustain the practice.

In 1987 the Lampbrecht clinic (now Mediclinic) was built and Dr J Smalberger and partners moved there and sold his shares in the Medical Centre to Mike who consequently moved across the parking area to no 8.

In 1998 Mike became seriously ill and was hospitalized for seven weeks. During this time he had time for reflection and also pressure from family who encouraged him to reconsider his situation. Fortunately, Allan Oates was also at a cross road in his career and the two started communicating and as a result Barkley Oates Inc. was born in 1999.

Allan brought with him a small agency, Iceross, an Icelandic company which had developed a prosthetic silicone suspension liner. This small company listed on the Icelandic stock exchange and consequently began buying up leading prosthetic companies around the world, companies such as Flex Foot and Century (Total Knee). Today they have established themselves as Ossur, the second largest manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic components in the world. From this small distribution company Mike and Allan established Prosthetic Solutions which distributed Ossur products out of George throughout Southern Africa, they are particularly proud to have supplied the Flex Feet on which Oscar Pretorius broke all the Paralympic and world records at the Athens Paralympic games in 2004.

In 1974 Orthopedic Services was registered as a training centre and took in their first student, Gerhard Breedt, and have been training students on behalf of Tshwane University of Technology ever since. To date we have trained 21 students. Furthermore, we conduct internship training on behalf of the HPCSA.

Over the years numerous students have passed through our hands and we are extremely proud of those who have excelled in the profession, a prime example being Eugene Rossouw. Eugene’s parents reside in Oudtshoorn; Eugene after completing his internship with us in 2005 was taken into employment by Ossur an international Orthotic and Prosthetic company. Eugene left Ossur in 2011 and currently has his own practice in Milnerton Cape Town

Two local George boys, Michael Nel currently in his own private practice in Cape Town and Theo Kriel-himself an amputee and a patient of the practice since the age of seven, Theo completed his first experiential practical training under our guidance and after completing his internship at Conradie O&P Centre Pinelands Cape Town went on to spend some time gaining experience internationally and is currently a partner with Jason Chin and Associates at Vincent Pallotti Hospital Cape Town. All these young men completed segments of their practical training under the supervision of Barkley Oates Inc.

Mike Barkley


Mike Barkley started his training in 1972 at the O&P Centre Red Cross hospital Cape Town. After qualifying Mike was relocated to Windhoek in 1976 where he took up a position as senior Prosthetist at the Windhoek State Hospital, it was during that time that he gained a huge amount of experience in conducting clinics in outlaying places such as Oshakati and Rundu hospitals. In 1979 Mike returned toCape Town to take up position of director of prosthetics with a private practice and continued to conduct clinics at Oshakati Hospital, which was a satellite of Tygerberg Hospital and at Windhoek Hospital where the entire Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre went out on tender. These projects were carried out under the auspices of Namibia Orthopaedic Services, which operated from the same premises in George as those of Barkley Oates Inc. In 1983 Mike and his family relocated to George where he established a private practice “Orthopaedic Services George” which still continued to provide a service to Oshakati Hospital and still continues to provide a service to the disabled peoples of the Southern Cape.

Allan Oates


Allan Oates started working and training at Frere Hospital in East London.  He worked at this facility for five years and was involved with clinics in Queenstown, King Williams Town and Mdantsane.  He then worked in Durban for nine years, where his duties included running a private Orthotic and Prosthetic facility as well as clinics under contract to the then Kwa-Zulu government. He has worked in George as a partner in Orthopaedic Services George since September 1999.  He has been involved in clinical work for the George, Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay Provincial Hospitals,as well as private clinics in these areas. Allan is also the man in charge of the daily running of Prosthetic Solutions and is considered a specialist in the Ossur range of prosthetic products.

 Francois Ras

Qualified Medical Orthotist Prosthetist

Francois Ras started his training in 2011 at Western Cape Orthotics and Prosthetics Centre (Frans Conradie Hospital) and joined Barkley Oates Inc. as a 3rd year student in 2013 and completed his experiential practical training and internship at our practice in 2014 and is involved with the work emanating from the hospital clinics. During 2015 Francois completed his B Tech Degree (Cum Laude). Francois is also very involved with the evaluating and fitting of Private patients and patients at the Provincial Hospitals with orthotic and prosthetic devices.

 Daniella De Jager

Qualified Medical Orthotist Prosthetist

Daniella De Jager joined our practice in 2015 as a 1st year student and has completed her practical experiential training under our tutelage, during which time she has become involved in the clinic work. She completed her internship in 2018 and completed her B Tech Degree in 2019. Furthermore, she is also very involved with the fitting of ward patients at the George Provincial Hospital. (Medical Orthotist Prosthetist, B Tech Degree, 2019).

Carol Barkley spouse of Mike Barkley owner of Medihire cc And Prosthetic Solutions cc.

Heidi Oates spouse of Allan Oates and owner of Medihire cc and Prosthetic Solutions cc.

Admin Team (The Glue)

Cristel, Ellen, Amelia and Esme (left to right)

Christel Prinsloo joined 2013 and always has a friendly smile welcoming people to the practice. (Chief Procurement Officer, Patient follow ups and Medihire Sales)

Ellen Pieterse joined 2001 and has always been keeping a eye over all at Barkley Oates Inc. (administrative manager of Barkley and Oates. Prosthetic Solutions import and sales manager).

Amelia De Klerk joined 2008 and has enough energy to run a city. (Patient account, RAF account, COIDA/WCA account and George Hospital account clerk).

Esme Volschenk joined 2004 has had a heart of gold forever. ( Receptionist , Course facilitator, Patient follow ups and Medihire Sales)

Support Team

Isaac (Sakkie) Innes joined 2007 and started as cleaner and worked his way up taking over from Krisjan as our Footwear Technician. (Footwear Technician and Wheelchair Technician)

Office/Staff maintenance crew

Anna Innes joined 2010 and can be heard giggling a mile away. (General Office Worker)

Frances Louis joined 2004 and is always smiling and ready to help.(General office worker)

Irvin Tarentaal joined 2018 has worked extremely hard and has never complained. ( General Office Worker)


Barkley & Oates Inc. is a registered training centre and has over the years supplied practical training to various students.

All  students are assigned to our practice by the University to undergo their experiential practical training and are involved with the clinic work.

Barkley & Oates Inc. has trained 30 students to date.

Past & Present Students 

Adendorff, Derick

Bester, Casper

Botes, Dannie

Breedt, Gerhard

Cass, Luvan

De Jager, Daniella

Fourie, Neco

Grey, Dewald

Henning, Vicky

Johnson, Anzelle

Kriel, Theo

Kruger, Riantes

Le Grange, Johan

Lishman, Craig

Mashishi, Thabang

Nel, Micheal

Pienaar, Andri

Ras, Francois

Robbertse, Michelle

Rossouw, Eugene

Snyman, Ivan

Stark, Grete

Van Aarde, Claudia

Van Den Bergh, Jacquelene

Van Dyk, Carla

Van Eeden, Jacques

Van Eeden, Pierre

Van Tonder, Danie

Van Vuuren, Carina

Van Wyk, Annabe